California Wildfires

Featured Image: The Paradise, California inferno known as the Camp Fire has been the deadliest on record, with 71 deaths so far confirmed.

Saturday, 17 November 2018, San Francisco, CA – The California wildfires, in particular the Camp Fire in Paradise and Chico and the Woolsey Fire in Ventura, are the most destructive wildfires in the history of California, with 71 people dead, a quarter million acres burned, and over 1,000 people who are unaccounted for in casualties. Air quality in Chico reached 365 AQI on November 15, making it the worst air quality in the entire world. And 20,000 people living in the town of Paradise have been evacuated from their homes, living in shelters and with nowhere to go.

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Extreme Temperature Records

Featured Image: The sailing stones of Death Valley

Sunday, 17 June 2018, New York, NY – It’s mid June, and summer is here. In coastal parts of the country, the extremes of summer and winter are mitigated by the ocean, but in most parts of the country, the ocean is not there to provide much needed relief, and intolerable temperatures result. Because summer has arrived, and because we can’t think of anything else to write about, we decided to take a look at some extreme weather records, both hot and cold.

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Alien encounter

Featured Image: A cove in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Friday, 16 February 2018, Big Sur, CA – A 10-year old boy and his family went camping in Big Sur last week. They were planning on enjoying a two-night camping trip combined with a hike to the ocean. It was a perfectly normal situation – until you realise that during the time frame of this camping trip, there were numerous reports of unexplained flashing lights over the skies of Big Sur. Something is not right. The area is nervous. What could possibly be happening? Let’s get to the bottom of this before it is too late.

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