Could DNA reinvent data storage?

Featured Image: With DNA storage, all of the information on the internet could fit inside of a shoebox.

Sunday, 14 April 2019, New York, NY – No matter what form of data storage you choose, there is always some limitation. Not just on the amount of data you can store, but also on how long that mode of storage can last. Paper decomposes, hard drives deteriorate, and even stones will eventually erode. But recently, novel technology has the potential to expand both of those capacities dramatically – much more than any currently existing form of data storage – and can revolutionise data storage in the process. That novel technology is one that we are already familiar with – DNA.

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Prison Escape: Is it legal?

Featured Image: Prison. Turns out, it’s legal to escape it in Germany.

1 April 2019, London, UK – If you live in most countries, including the UK and the US, you can have at least ten years added to your sentence if you get put back into prison after having escaped. But not in Germany. Why? Because in Germany and a few other countries, you cannot be busted for escaping prison. It sounds ridiculous but it actually makes quite a lot of sense.

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