Featured Image: St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Tuesday, 19 April 2018, Moscow, Russia – DC Blogs is excited to announce the opening of a new office in Moscow. This is our second European office and our 16th office overall. The location of the new office is in the Federation Tower, which is not only the tallest building in Europe but also has prime office space located in the heart of Moscow’s Central Business District, not far from Red Square.

We have already hired three new staff members for the office: Dmitri Vasiliev, Vladimir Gorbunov, and Yuri Petrov. The first two are part of the editorial/writing staff, and the third one is an on-site reporter. We are particularly excited about Petrov (the on-site reporter) because he was born and raised in Northern Russia (the other two were born in Moscow), so he will provide DC Blogs with an firsthand perspective of the region. Of course, we are also planning on hiring new staff members by the time the office is open in mid-to-late May.

Our offices, which are spread across six continents (we still haven’t opened one on Antarctica yet), provide DC Blogs with an invaluable, unique perspective of the world that cannot be gained through other means. It is particularly important that we have this new office because Eastern Europe is a stagnating region, closed off to business opportunities for much of its recent history. Every part of the world has stories to tell, and, at least in our opinion, we’ll have some pretty interesting stories to tell.

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